Energy Customer Service

Department Contact Number
British Gas  0870 280 5465
Utility Warehouse  0870 280 5474
EDF Energy  0870 280 5466
Southern Electric  0870 280 5471
Scottish Power  0870 280 5470
EON  0870 280 5467
Npower  0870 280 5469
First Utility  0870 280 5468
SWALEC  0870 280 5472
Utilita  0870 280 5473
OVO Energy  0800 358 3523
United Utilities  0345 672 2888
Southern Water  0870 280 2908
Northumbrian Water  0800 032 3417
South East Water  0333 000 0001
Wessex Water 0345 600 3600
Welsh Water  0800 052 0145
Thames Water  0800 980 8800
Extra Energy  0800 953 4774
Affinity Water 0345 357 2424
Algian Water 0345 791 9155
South West Water 0344 346 2020
Severn Trent Water 03457 500 500

As important as energy services are, the contact numbers related to the companies that provide them can be difficult to locate. For this reason, Energy Customer Service has taken the time to collect this information and present it here, in a clear and concise format. What you will find on this website is a collection of contact numbers for each of the top UK energy providers. Additionally, you will discover lots of information about the company itself, which includes details about any alternate contact method options, such as email, live chat, social media, and more.

Call representative


You may not often think about contact numbers, but when they are needed, they are needed immediately. One of the primary reasons behind calling an energy company is to report problems. This could be an emergency, or maybe a service interruption that is impacting your home or neighborhood. When problems arise, the only option is to contact a customer service agent and ask for help. Problem reports are accepted by most companies at all hours, so rather than waiting until business hours to make a call, ring the support team right away to get the solution or repairs process started immediately.

The contact numbers provided here can also be used to deal with other pressing matters, such as payments. Most energy companies do accept payments over the phone, but also accept payments via other methods, such as online. Prompt payments are required in order to avoid service disconnection and possibly, late fees or other charges. If you have questions about your bill, a member of the customer services team should be able to help. An explanation of charges can be requested, but a word of advice – ask for help well in advance of the billing due date!

Customer service can help with requests such as setting up new service. If you have selected a UK energy provider to order service from, contact them and provide the information required to have the service turned on at your location. If you are changing from one energy provider to another, or need to transfer service when moving home, call their contact number as soon as possible. Each of these requests will take some time to complete, and there is a mandatory waiting period to contend with when swapping service providers. This period is currently set at two weeks, so plan accordingly if you wish to make a change.

Last, but certainly not least, are account issues. Many of the contact numbers found here on Energy Customer Service are used to deal with questions or problems related to online accounts. Clearly, the invention of the online account has made it easier for certain tasks to be dealt with without ever picking up a telephone. However, with these accounts has come a host of potential issues that can only be handed by speaking with a customer service agent. If you are unable to make changes to your account, notice anything suspicious, or simply need password assistance, call for help. Support agents are standing by to help with these, and all other requests that energy service customers may have.