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Located in the United Kingdom, British Gas is now considered to be the largest energy supplier in the UK, providing electricity and gas to both residential and commercial sites. The contact number seen here can be used to contact the company for any reason. Customer service is always available to provide assistance. This company also offers the services of roof insulation and boiler fitting, along with a few other services that are of use to home and business customers, as well as landlords.


British Gas Contact Number 0870 280 5465

Contact British Gas using the following phone numbers per department:

Department Contact Number
Customer Helpline 0870 280 5465
Account Inquiries 0800 048 0202
Moving Home 0800 048 0303
Sales 0800 980 6005
Maintenance & Repair 0800 072 7511
Installations 0800 072 5280
Other Departments Click Here

British Gas Customer Service

The customer service department is easy to be reached, as the contact number can be called at any time. The website also provides a way for both current customers and prospective ones to contact British Gas. The company can be contacted through email and via social media by those who prefer to avoid telephone contact, but the truth of the matter is that it is best to resolve some types of issues by speaking directly to someone from the company. All calls are handled during business hours, but emergency calls can be received at any hour.

Looking after your world

Agents are available to discuss with clients their accounts, payments, invoices, boiler programs, meter readings, meter support, tariffs, pay as you go options, new service setup, service transfers, remote heating control and emergencies. For repair services, the HomeCare number should be called. The customer service can be phoned from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm. It is to be noted that the number can also be contacted on Saturday until 6 pm (rather than 8 pm). Be to move to a safe area before placing your emergency call to report hazardous conditions.

Contact representative (woman)Known for being intensely receptive and attentive to feedback from clients, the customer makes every effort possible to resolve issues that arise. Based on previous feedback that was received by the company, it has been able to form a long-term Customer Board. The goal of this department is to bring forth changes and advances pertinent to feedback from clients that is received and processed as required. If you have a comment or complaint to submit, then use the contact number that is provided here for immediate access to a qualified support agent.

British Gas Contact for Service Assistance

When you call the contact number, you will be placed in direct contact with one of the customer service agents. They can help you with a broad range of service-related issues. As stated prior, there are various ways to contact us. When you use their website, you can send an email by using the contact form. The Help and Advice page will be able to provide answers to many of your service-related questions. The page contains categories with service plan details. It also offers you the convenience of being able to type in any questions that you have and be provided instantly with answers. Of course, this does not replace live agent assistance, which can be accessed by calling the contact number.

Contact British Gas for Tariff Information


A significant  positive change that was put into place has been the minimization of tariffs. This change ensures that tariffs are reduced to only two types, which are standard variable and fixed price. Our customer service can provide more specific information about these two. The company now offers the installation of new smart meters, which have already been established in thousands of homes and businesses within the United Kingdom as a tool that enables customers to save money. At this time, the company allows customers to be able to choose from among four tariff rates. Ring the contact number provided here to learn about the four options.

Prospective home and business customers can contact us for a quote at any time. You may also request a free quote online at the company’s website. You only have to provide very basic information in the provided form, and then click the button to view the rate information. Note that by filling out the online form; you are in no way obligated to purchase services from the company or to change your current services that your receive from the enterprise already. If you need help with the quote form, the contact number is recommended.

The Company

Call British GasPreviously under the control and support of the British Government, British Gas is now privately owned and managed, this shift having commenced in the year of 1986. The move resulted in billions of British pounds bringing increase to the treasury of Britain. The company is pleased to offer cost effective and dependable electricity and gas to millions of customers. Not only does this company offer energy solutions, but it also offers repair services.

Address: Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5GD

Phone: 0870 280 5465

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