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When it comes to selecting your water supplier, exceptional customer services is very important. There are various challenges and situations that require clarification and assistance, which is why you need seamless communication frameworks and platforms. Northumbrian Water offers several contact numbers and communication support services to meet these needs. From billing, to sewerage and water supply, website navigation and emergency, you will find specific contact numbers to call for every need. The main Northumbrian Water contact number is 0845 604 7468 open from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:15 pm and Saturdays 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Other contact numbers provided for specific inquiries include the following.

Northumbrian Water Customer Services 0800 032 3417

Contact Northumbrian Water customer services per the following department:

Department Contact Number
Customer Helpline 0330 303 1263
Billing 0800 032 3417
Complaints 0191 417 5134
Water & Sewage 0345 717 1100
Report Leaks 0800 393 084
Landlord/Tenant Enquiries 0845 8506421
Billing Feedback 0345 733 5566
Water & Sewage Feedback 0345 717 1100
Metering Services 0800 032 3418
Metering Services 2 0191 415 9375
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Northumbrian Water contact number

In addition to the contact numbers provided, Northumbrian Water provides a professionally designed website to help you achieve various things and read relevant information regarding their water supply services. You can visit the official website at to make payment, give your meter reading, create an online service account, set up direct-debit, fill in moving forms or send a direct mail among others.

Accounts and billing contact number

There are many services offered under accounts and billing. You can contact the accounts and billing customer support team using the two contact provided above (0800 032 3417 or 0191 417 5134). These are 24 hour automated services in place to prevent queuing and provide fast services. You can also quickly update your account and billing information online. The service allows you to change address, apply or provide meter reading, send documents or apply for water direct. If you have any issues with your billing account, provided wrong information or noticed an error, you can call the customer support team for clarification and such enquiries. You can also make payments or check balance using this phone number.

Payment support contact

Contact representative (woman)Northumbrian Water allows customers to quickly complete their payments online using various automated services. If you need assistance on the online or phone payment process, you can call the Northumbrian Water contact number for payment support via 0800 032 3417 or 0191 417 5134 at any time of the day or night. You can also call the 0800 032 3418 or 0191 415 9375 phone numbers to directly provide your meter reading for billing. Northumbrian Water customer support can help you identify the best payment plan for your needs. There are various options including monthly, quarterly and yearly payment plans among others. These contact lines are open 24 hours a day for all payment, debit card and reference number enquiries. Alternatively, you can call the head office contacts provided for detailed guidance.

Water and sewerage number

For all enquiries with regard to water supply and sewerage services, you can reach Northumbrian Water customer support on the provided contact from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you need emergency sewerage services, the contact numbers are open 24 hours every day of the year. Third parties working near Northumbrian Water assets can also make enquiries regarding these services using the same contact. Alternatively, you can visit to view a pdf document containing more information and contacts on third parties working close to assets. If you have problems with your water supply and waste water systems, these lines will connect you to a vigilant customer support team to answer all your questions and challenges.

Moving to a new home

It is advisable to inform Northumbrian Water about your intention to relocate to another residence a few days before you move. This will not only speed up the process of transferring our services and bills, but will also ensure you do not suffer any charges accumulated by those who previously lived in the residence you are just about to move into. You will be required to fill a short moving form which is available online and make a few changes to your account. You can visit to view detailed information on moving or call 0800 032 3417 for further guidance. The customer support team can help you quickly fill in the necessary details, set up a new account or make address changes for the existing account. You can also find out the areas of supply.

Metering installation and customer support

Installing a meter can help you reduce bills and charges by paying exactly what you use rather than sharing some costs incurred by others within your residential area. If you want to apply for a meter, or provide meter reading, call Northumbrian Water contact number 0800 032 3418 or 0191 415 9375. Alternatively, you can visit to apply for a meter and to provide a meter reading. The customer support staff can help take you through the meter reading and updating process. Use the same contact lines if you suspect damages to your meters and reading.

Emergency Phone Number

Accidents can happen at any time and there are several situations that may call for emergency services. Northumbrian Water offers various emergency lines for different requirements to lessen the effort and time used in organizing prompt remedy. You can report leaks, pipe bursts and floods through 0800 393 084. If you need emergency sewer system flood services, call 0800 328 7648. These lines are open 24 hours a day 365 days of the year and you can get instant help day or night. Alternatively, you can visit to report leaks and sewerage system floods online. The official website conspicuously displays the links for emergency services to help clients quickly find assistance when needed. You can also use the live chat provided to report any challenges or emergencies to get direction and assistance on how to go about managing the situations before the emergency team reach your residence.

Northumbrian Water Complaints

With water supply services, there is always room for improvement. Complains and feedback are therefore treated very delicately and positively to improve service provision. Northumbrian Water offers different channels to direct complains seek clarification on any service provided. You can use the feedback contacts provided or channel complains using the service lines provided for that specific department. Additionally, you can visit the head offices at Northumbrian Water: Abbey Road, Pity Me, Durham-DH1 5FJ. You can also write to P.O. Box 200, Durham-DH1 9WG to give your feedback or make a complaint.

Address: Abbey Road, Pity Me, Durham-DH1 5FJ

Phone number: 0800 032 3417

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