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OVO Energy is a Bristol-based UK energy supply company. Founded in 2009, the independent energy supplier has grown commendably by offering property owners great deals for the purchase of gas and electricity. The company now serves around 700,000 customers throughout the UK. Until 2013, OVO Energy had been focusing on supplying gas and electricity to domestic customers but since then it has extended its services to the business energy market. It offers various products and services including pay monthly energy, Pay As You Go energy, and Smart meters. The commitment of OVO Energy to providing safe and reliable energy is unbeatable. One of the pillars of its competitiveness is a distinguished customer service department, as evidenced by many customer reviews.

OVO Energy Contact Numbers 0870 280 2949

You can contact OVO Energy at the following customer services phone number by department:

Department Contact Number
Customer Helpline 01179 303 100
New Customers 08004 086 610
Pay-As-You-Go 0800 358 3523
Pay Monthly 0800 5999 440
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OVO Contact

In OVO Energy, it’s common knowledge that effective communication is critical to customer satisfaction. The communication mechanism at the company is deeply entrenched in the customer service department’s key focus – to provide customers with information in a timely manner as well as welcome customer feedback. When you call the customer service representatives at OVO Energy, you will definitely notice the high level of professionalism with which the rep will address your call. Whether it is an inquiry, a meter reading submission, an emergency call, or whatever, it will be received by someone who is serious with their work and have experience in handling a myriad of energy supply matters.

You can also create a “My OVO Account” so that you can enjoy the convenience of managing your energy supply needs wherever you are. OVO Energy has made contact even easier by providing a mobile app to ensure that you can access your account on your smart device. Should you have any problem using the app, just call the customer service number and your problem will be solved.

OVO Energy also provides a very efficient email service to solve customer issues that are non-urgent, or those that require attachment of files such as softcopy files. Once you drop your email, you won’t wait for long before a customer rep replies and starts looking into your issue. At the company’s motto states, OVO Energy is dedicated to providing better, greener and simpler gas and electricity services. The customer service department understands this too well and has made better and simpler communication its purpose.

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Moving home? Contact OVO Energy

Contact representative (woman)Whether you are moving into a new house or away from a property that OVO Energy has supplied, the process doesn’t have to cost you tens of hours of headache. Our customer service department makes sure that you pay the right amount of money for the energy you’ve used and the switch is painless.
If you are an existing customer using the PAYG payment option and intend to move to a new home in the next 28 days, contact OVO Energy through phone or your OVO account. You will be asked to provide some details such as the date you moved in, the meter reading on that day, the date you plan to move out, new address, etc. If you want OVO to move with you to your new house, the customer service rep will inform you about the quick and easy process.
For pay monthly customers moving in to a house supplied by OVO, things are prettier than the opposite case. Setting up an account is easy especially using the home move page. Any problem when moving homes should not make you worried. If you have any challenge doing it online, call 0870 280 2949 and you’ll be assisted.

Call OVO Energy to know if you are eligible for the Warm Home Discount

If you want to benefit from the Guarantee Credit Element of Pension Credit, you need to know whether you are eligible for the discount. There are various eligibility criteria that are checked such as being a recipient of income-based jobseeker’s allowance or income support, work related support, a current MATEX or MEDEX certificate, etc.
If are unsure of whether or not you are eligible for the discount, contact OVO Energy. A customer service professional with know-how on these matters will help you determine your eligibility as well as guide you through the application procedure. If you’ve already applied, you’ll get an email within 4 weeks informing you whether or not the application succeeded.

You need a smart meter? Contact OVO Energy

The UK government wishes that homes have smart meters by 2020. Regardless of how you pay for electricity and gas, having a smart meter is advantageous. One, you don’t have to provide meter readings anymore if you use Direct Debit payment method. Also, the smart meter provides you information on your energy use. If you are using more energy than you need, it shows you when and how so that you can regulate your use and save money.
However, smart meters cannot be installed on any property. They are suitable for certain types of property only. Contact OVO Energy to know if the status of your property will allow for the installation of smart meters. If it’s not ready for the change, then the customer rep will advise you on what to do to make sure that when other property in your area are being fitted with the smart gadgets, yours will not be left out. Call for answers to any questions regarding smart meters.

OVO Energy Contact for Emergency Services

Emergency gas and electricity situations pose a great risk to life and property. If you suspect gas leak, smell gas, experience a power cut, have malfunctioning meters or see fallen poles or wires, call OVO Energy immediately. The emergency service line is open 24/7 to ensure that customers and citizens are safe from hazards caused by energy electricity and gas faults.

OVO customers can benefit from Priority Services if they experience difficulties contacting customer service agents. If you are in such a condition (illness, disability, old age, etc.) or are in a personal circumstance that would make communication difficult especially during an emergency, then this service will help you overcome the challenge. Also, if you care for someone with such conditions, you can register for the service on their behalf.

OVO Energy respects value for money and endeavor to provide the best customer service. In the rare case of dissatisfaction with our services, we will be glad to receive your complaint call and promise to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

The Company

OVO Energy started as a small discussion on a kitchen table but now has a registered office in Bristol and takes pride as one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK. Its mission is to become the most trusted energy company in the country. The award-winning company has risen above competition by providing clear and comprehensible bills. It also offers its customers a 3% interest reward in form of payment on credit balances. This kind of customer service has graduated OVO Energy from a kitchen table idea to a major competitor in UK’s energy business.

Address: 1 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6ED

Phone: 0870 280 2949

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