Scottish Power 0870 280 5470

Currently, one of the largest energy providers in the United Kingdom is Scottish Power. The company provides both gas and electricity services to residential and to business owners alike and has done so since 1990. The contact number can be used to gather information about the services that are offered, or to request assistance for an existing account. The customer service can be reached during the business hours listed below, or for emergencies, can be made at any moment.

SCOTTISH POWER: CALL 0870 280 5470

Scottish Power Contact Number 0870 280 5470

Contact Scottish Power in the following departments:

Department Contact Number
Gas & Electricity 0800 027 0072
Boiler & Radiator Cover 0800 001 5214
Emergency 0800 111 4686
Other Departments Click Here

Scottish Power Contact Customer Services

You can contact us by telephone, start at 8 am until 7 pm throughout the standard business week (Monday through Friday). On weekends, calls are accepted starting at 8:30 am up until 1 pm. You will be able to find information regarding all the services that the company offers on their website, and can also get information regarding general queries outside of the hours mentioned above via email or via their social media pages. If you have an emergency situation, then it is advised that you call the phone number as soon as possible.

Investing for the future

If you are in a rush and need an answer quickly, then it is advised that you call customer service. Support agents can provide solutions to a wide range of questions, such as questions about charges appearing on billing statements, service transfers, service management such as meter readings, and general queries regarding your account with the company. Contact can also be used to establish new services or cancel your existing service.

For payments and more, there is the option to create an online account. A pay-as-you-go option is available for those who prefer prepaid service instead of standard billing. There are several different ways in which to pay bills, and this includes meter keys that can be supplied by Scottish Power. If you have any issues setting up your account online, you can call the company, and they will be able to lead you through the process. Furthermore, you can contact us if you would like to make a payment over the phone, or receive information on each of the accepted payment methods.

Number for Rate Information

Bill with tariffs & discounts

Several different tariff options are available to clients, include the standard and fixed types of tariffs. The fixed price plans require a contract but provide rates that do not change for the duration of that contract. Standard, variable rates are also available. If you would like accurate information about the pricing of these tariffs, contact customer service. You can also get quotes online by completing the provided form. Help is available if you would like to review the quote information that is provided to you.

Phone Number for Complaints

Contact representative (woman)If you find that you are not satisfied with the services that have been provided with, then you can submit a complaint by calling the contact number. You will also be able to send them an email through their company website, but may prefer more direct contact if your issue requires more immediate resolution. The number for complaint is open until 10 pm each night during the business week and until 6 pm each Saturday. If a claim needs to be submitted outside of these times, customers can fill our and submit the provided online form.

Contact Number for Services

The company offers electric, and gas services, and these can be ordered either together or separately. Those who choose to pay for both will receive a discount. Our customer services are available if you have questions about the specific services that are offered. If you are a client that is residential, you can schedule service installation if it is needed. An agent can help you to get started once you have made the decision to order energy services from the company.

If you are the owner of a business or an authorized person that can handle power supply purchasing for your employer, you can request rate information by way of contact. You will need to provide some information that can be used to estimate the energy usage, and may be able to negotiate your rate if your energy usage is substantial.

Telephone Number for Emergency Reporting

Scottish Power customer contactShould you need to report a situation that is an emergency, contact Scottish Power via their contact number at any time of the day, any day of the week. Examples of emergencies include service outages, electric wiring issues, gas leaks, and more. Any of these will need to be reported straight away. Do follow safety measures and never remain in an area with exposed live wires or gas leaks. Leave the area immediately and then call the contact number for help. If you need more information about how to cope with emergency situations, then visit the company website or call the support team.

Address: 1 Atlantic Quay, Glasgow G2 8SP

Phone: 0870 280 5470

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