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South East Water’s customer relationship management has enabled it to be a top supplier of quality drinking water to over 2.1 million customers living in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. The company’s customer service continually focuses on improving the experience of customers through effective communication. Customers can contact the company through telephone when they have any issue or enquiry about water supply in these areas. Below are some reliable services from the company and numbers to call when you need assistance.

South East Water Customer Services 0870 280 5071

Contact South East Water customer services per the following department:

Department Contact Number
Mainline 0870 280 5071
Customer Helpline 0333 000 0002
Billing 0333 000 0001
Automated Billing 0333 000 0247
Emergency 0333 000 0365
Minicom 0333 000 0004
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South East Water contact number

Water bill contact number

Just like any other service that you pay for, you need to understand your water bill. South East Water tries its best to provide bill information through customers’ online accounts, printed billing documents for Service Plus customers, and Braille and audio for the visually impaired. However, you might feel that you need answers on questions about how the bill is calculated, the amount of water you’ve used, when and how payment should be made and so on. Call South East Water contact number 0333 000 0001 and a customer service personnel will explain in detail your bill and payment procedures.

Water supply and general enquiries number

0333 000 0002 is the number to call when you have any question regarding water supply and all services in general. You can also contact South East Water online at You will get the right people to address issues such as no water, low water pressure, how to locate the stop tap, water quality, and so on. The customer service personnel you call will not only provide you with answers to your water supply and general enquiries but also help organize for solutions to your problem. For instance, if you call because there’s low water pressure in your house, customer service will organize for an inspection of your water system to determine the root cause of the problem.

Need to sign up for Service Plus?

Contact representative (woman)South East Water understands that its customers have unique needs. It, therefore, offers tailored services to meet those diverse needs. Service Plus is a service package for customers with mobility challenges, the elderly, those who are blind, deaf, or suffering from long-time illnesses which can be accessed online here These customers receive extra help so that they can access South East Water services in an easier way. Some of the extras provided to Service Plus customers include prior warning of water supply interruption, priority treatment in the case of water supply interruption (for example delivery of bottled water to your house), receive information in a more convenient format, and interpretation for customers for whom English is not their first language. When you sign up for Service Plus, you choose the services that you need or have someone you trust assist you. Call 0333 000 0001 or use the minicom / text phone 0333 000 0004 to sign up.

Applying for WaterSure

WaterSure is a scheme aimed at helping low income households pay for their metered water bills through financial support. To apply for the scheme, the household needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Water bills based on meter readings
  • One or several members of the household receive certain state benefits (Child Tax Credit, Housing Benefit, Income Support, Job Seeker’s Allowance, Pension Credit, Means-tested Council Tax, and Working Tax Credit).
  • Large family with three or more children
  • A permanent resident has a medical condition that requires use of lots of water

If you think you are eligible for the scheme but need more details before making the application, please contact South East Water and you’ll be assisted through the entire experience. You can do it online here

Notify South East Water of bereavement

If the person named on the water bill as an account holder passes on, kindly email or call South East Water contact number 0333 000 0001. The customer service team will request for details of the deceased including their account number and address. Information about the person dealing with the estate and the status of the property are also crucial to put everything in order. The process is made really simple. The customer service staff understands that during the time of mourning, no one wants to be nagged with questions. They’ll empathetically take you through the procedure and assure you that everything will be taken care of.

Are you moving? Inform South East Water

If you are changing your residence, the water company needs to be informed. You don’t want to continue receiving water bills for a house you’ve moved out already. Also, the company needs to know if you plan to move in with them; that is, continue to use their services in your new residence. To register as a new customer you’ll be requested to provide your name, DOB, address, contact number, email address, and your new and old addresses. Apart from calling, you can also use your online account to communicate and do a wide range of things about your water account.

Report a water leakage

It’s better to report immediately a dangerous leak or one that can cause damage. The South East Water contact number 0333 000 3330 is open 24/7. To facilitate the application of a quick solution to the leakage problem, the customer needs to provide information about where the leak is coming from (inside or outside their property). Provide as much detail as possible to help technicians prepare themselves well before coming to correct the leakage problem. You could even send a photo of the leak to the customer service and the right hands will be on the job in no time. You can report leaks online here

Emergency Phone Number

South East Water customer contact numberSouth East Water wishes that you don’t encounter upsetting water emergencies. However, some emergencies are inevitable and can happen at any time of the day or night. Emergency situations such as lack of tap water, unusual taste and smell of water, flooding, wastewater flooding, frozen pipes and pipe bursts are interruptive, dangerous and destructive. Call 0333 00 00 365 when such incidences happen and South East Water emergency team will be on the site as quickly as possible. Make sure that you take the necessary safety measures when a serious water emergency such as flooding occurs.

South East Water thrives on the belief that its business matters to its customers. Your communication as a customer also matters to South East Water. Whenever you are in a situation or need something explained to you, don’t hesitate to call. Customer service is always ready to listen and help you out of the situation. Your information also helps the company to improve certain aspects of its service delivery to you.

Address: Rocfort Rd, Snodland ME6 5AH

Phone: 0870 280 5071

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