Southern Electric 0870 280 5471

One of UK’s major suppliers of electricity and gas services for homes and businesses is Southern Electric. Apart from providing energy services, the company also supplies phones and broadband services to customers who wish to have them. As a customer, calling the contact number will place you directly in touch with a customer care agent. They are on hand to answer all queries regarding available the services and costs of those services. They can also deal with issues and problems that existing customers may be experiencing.

Southern Electric Contact Number 0870 280 5471

Department Contact Number
Customer Helpline 0870 280 5471
Scottish Hydro 0345 026 0655
SSE 0345 026 2658
SWALEC 0345 026 0656
SSE Southern Electric 0345 026 2658
Renewables Dublin 3531 655 6400
Renewables Belfast +44 28 9043 7470
Renewables Mayo +353 86 858 4694
Renewables Glasgow 0141 224 7248
Renewables Perth 1738 456 000
Renewables Reading 1189 534998
Renewables Guildford 1483 462 400
Renewables Wales 1654 702 720
Business Energy 0800 072 3317
Energy Efficiency 0345 076 7638
Go Green 0800 975 7339
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SSE Customer Service Details

As a client, if you have any problems with services or your account, contact us now. The helpline is open from Monday to Friday; 8 am to 8 pm. On Saturday, calls are accepted between 8 am to 2 pm. One can call the SSE number during these hours to ask questions or ask for help, or at any time to report an outage or emergency. The customer services agents are ready at hand to answer all queries and provide further help in a professional and efficient manner, and can do this via telephone contact, email contact, or social media accounts. You will find the company on Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social media websites.

Contact representative (woman)SSE complaints are dealt with customer service. For clients who feel that their services have not been satisfactory, it’s important to ring the contact number and speak with a customer support manager. They will get to conduct an internal review of your situation, with the goal of achieving a reasonable solution within five business days. As mentioned above, SSE contact can be by way of emails or use social media pages, but do expect slower responses when you use these communication methods. It may take a day or more to receive an email response, and it is possible that posts to social media pages will go unnoticed.

Telephone Number for Services

Southern Electric provides safe and efficient electricity and gas services to homes. They can install new meters for new and existing customers. Should you require meter assistance, ring the phone number. Today, the company also provides home phone service and broadband services too. The broadband speed is supported by ADSL or Fiber to Cabinet Connectivity. To learn more about the available options and how much they cost, call the SSE contact number seen here. The same contact number can be used by existing customers to report problems with any of these services.

SSE can provide heating solutions to homes and an energy efficient reporting for the clients home as well. The goal of doing this is to help the customers save money on heating costs. The same great services available to homes are available to businesses too. Southern Electric contact is recommended for business professionals who have to navigate the complexity of various energy issues and concerns. The main goal is to empower business to have the ability to establish a much more integrated approach that is cost effective especially in the area of energy and energy management. To connect with a business specialist, dial the SSE phone number to be connected.

The Company

Southern Electric contact informationThe company was founded in 1988 when a merger between Scottish Hydro Electric and Southern Electric transpired. Before the merger, the company can trace its roots back even further. The company has been part of the hydro revolution of Scotland which began in 1943 with the enactment of the Hydro-Electric Development Act. This ensured electricity was delivered across the Highlands which brought dramatic improvements to hundreds of thousands of Scottish residents. It was not an easy task to build dams and power stations across the nation’s rugged landscape. Fifty-six dams were connected by over six hundred kilometers of rock, tunnel, aqueducts and pipelines by mid-1960’s. Today, the company is the largest renewable energy generator within the UK.

Many of the company’s UK customers have been with the company for an extended period. They have used the company to order gas, electricity, phone and broadband service for their homes and businesses. To learn more about the available services, contact customer service representatives. The same contact number can be used by existing customers to request assistance or report problems with their services. Agents are available during the business hours listed above to help with most matters but are available to deal with problem reports at any time.

SSE Customer Services Contact (Phone/Address/Email)

Contact Type Info
Phone 0870 280 5471
Address Inveralmond House 200 Dunkeld Road Perth PH1 3AQ
Main Email
Scottish Hydro

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