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As the first FTSE 100 company to have been accredited with the Fair Tax Mark, SWALEC currently employs thousands of people and is the largest Living wage employer in the UK. Many of the current staff members belong to the customer service department, working to provide assistance to customers. The company’s investment in the UK regarding infrastructure exceeded 1 billion pounds as of last year. Their annual contribution to the
economy amounted to nearly ten billion pounds. The contact number found here will connect you with a customer service representative who will answer all your queries and provide any needed assistance.

Swalec Contact Number 0870 280 5472

Department Contact Number
Customer Helpline 0870 280 5472
Scottish Hydro 0345 026 0655
SSE 0345 026 2658
Mainline 0345 026 0656
SSE Southern Electric 0345 026 2658

SWALEC Phone Number For Customer Services

If you are need of assistance or in need of submitting a complaint, our customer service agents are there to help. Clients can call between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm. The agent that you speak with will attempt to solve any and all issues during the first call. If they are unable to, the issue will be escalated to a specialist team or manager to help resolve the complaint by 8 pm the next working day. Customers also have the option of using email and social media to contact the company.

Complaints can be submitted to the company by calling the phone number. If the complaint is not dealt with right away, the agent will escalate it to the head of customer service department. A review of the problem takes a few business days. If the response provided is not satisfactory, the Ombudsman can be contacted, where free, independent service is available for unresolved complaints. In most cases, this step is not necessary, as customer services agents work diligently to solve problems with the first contact.

Services Information

SSE Enterprises is among the top six energy companies. The company offers an integrated and cost effective approach for complex energy issues, telecom, and engineering. The company provides assistance to business with fundamental challenges regarding energy. Solutions provided extend to energy, utilities, telecom, metering, contracting and rail too. Home service customers have access to contact options, where assistance is offered to receive the best deal on energy as well as low rates for phone and broadband services. The company also extends support for heating needs in residential locations.

Contact Number for Boiler Installation and Service

To ensure customers are safe and warm in their homes, heating and boiler solutions are available. Installation service is free and repairs ensure your home heating works properly during winter. Other extras are available such as smart meters which mean great savings for the customer. The meters provide customers with energy expenditure data. The smart meter helps users to save more energy. Call the SWALEC customer service number and submit a request for smart meter installation.

The company provides annual boiler cover for heating in homes. For customers who order the service, they receive six months of free cover. To learn more about the services and current special offers, contact SWALEC. For customers who don’t want an annual contract, technicians are available for boiler repairs should the need arise. Homeowners can upgrade their existing boilers and receive a significant discount. Installation and a smart thermostat will be provided for free. To get more information about boiler service and installation, ring the phone number.

Contact for Account Support

Do you want to change your energy provider? Our customer service can help you. It’s important to know that changing from one service provider to another requires a waiting period, so submit a new service request a few weeks before service is needed. Note, this applies only to energy services, not the phone or broadband services that are offered by the company. Several tariff options are available, and you can find out which is right for you by ringing the contact number. Different services on offer ensure that customers can take advantage of the competitive prices provided by the company. By contacting our customer service, you will be able to request a rate quote.

The Company

Swalec Customer ServicesWe offer various home and business services, which include gas, electricity, phone and broadband internet service. Heating, wiring, installation and repairs are available too. In the commercial sector, the company caters to SMEs. They also work with the public sector, corporate, third party intermediaries, and suppliers. SWALEC will be offering new lower gas prices beginning this year. When you can call the phone number, you will get in touch with an agent who will provide you with quotes and tariff pricing information, in addition to details about the energy solutions that are offered.

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