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United Utilities, headquartered in Warrington, UK, is one of the largest water companies in the country. It serves more than 7 million South West England residents. The company deals with the provision and maintenance of water supply. Since its formation in 1995, United Utilities has portrayed its unfailing commitment towards making sure that clean and safe water is delivered to the customers’ taps and as much wastewater as possible is gathered and treated appropriately. The company also provides repair services as well as advising on ways of saving water. The company’s success for more than 20 years now can be attributed to many factors and their great customer service cannot miss in this list. Below you will find ways to contact United Utilities customer services.

United Utilities Contact Number 0345 672 2888

You can contact United Utilities here by department customer services phone numbers (Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 8am4pm):

Department Contact Number
Customer Helpline 0345 672 2888
Complaints 0345 075 0711
Moving Home 0345 026 7661
Billing (Meter) 0345 672 2888
Billing (No Meter) 0345 672 2999
Bill Pay 0800 980 6050
Struggling To Pay 0800 072 6765
Water & Wastewater 0345 672 3723
Report A Leak 0800 330033
Pollution Hotline 0800 015 1230
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United Utilities contact numbers

United Utilities contact numbers has made it very easy for customers to communicate their issues using their phone numbers. Their telephone line is open every day to ensure that customers can always get someone on the line to receive their message and act accordingly. Therefore, you are sure that your water supply issues, emergencies, queries and complaints will be dealt with professionally and in a timely manner.

From the comfort of your home, you can manage your account online. Whether you want to move, set up a Direct Debit or go paperless, you can do it anytime without any hurdles. You can also send your water meter reading to the company to minimize the chances of inaccurate billing. United Utilities contact has also provided its customers with an efficient online web chat. Through the web chat, United Utilities customer service reps can respond to your questions as you browse the internet, probably doing something else. The reps try their best to answer your questions within the shortest time possible after you send your message.

In addition to these United Utilities phone number and web channels of communication, you can also email United Utilities. If you have a general or non-urgent issue or query, fill the online form and submit it. Rest assured that it will reach the right customer service rep or other United Utility staff who is most suitable and available to attend to the issue. Another way to contact the company without incurring any costs is requesting a callback. Why call when the company can call you? Provided the issue is not urgent, you can fill out a callback request form and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Lastly, social media use is inevitable in today’s business world. If you like, you can reach United Utilities via their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts and pass your message. One thing is for sure – whichever method you use, you’ll get the most attainable attention and assistance from courteous customer service staff.

United Utilities Contact Customer Services Phone Number

Unitied Utilities contact number for billing and account issues

United Utilities

Contact representative (woman)Just as expected of a large utility company, most of the calls received from customers concern their water bills and accounts. United Utilities has, therefore, made sure that there are many customers service reps with the knowledge about billing and accounts administration. This makes the United Utilities customer service department very effective in addressing customers’ billing queries and worries. Whenever you think your bill has a problem, don’t worry about what to do next. Just call the company and any mistake will be corrected and unclear information on the bill explained. You can also call to check your balance or make a payment if you like or are having trouble paying your bill through other means.

Water supply and waterwaste issues

If you have experienced a water supply problem at your property such as a leakage, d might also notice a leak or other problem in the footpath or road or pollution at a reservoir or river. You can either call or fill a leak form to inform the company about the issue. Matters requiring immediate attention are better communicated through calling, however.

If you don’t know what the exact problem is with your water supply, call and schedule a leak inspection at your property. Possible causes of leakages are reduced water pressure or dripping taps. You should know it’s time to contact the water supply company whenever something unusual is happening, however small it might be. If not repaired early enough, even small water leakages can eventually inflate your water bill in addition to damaging your property.

Emergency services contact number

Should you have an emergency, the United Utility service line is open 24/7. Emergency situations include big leakages, water outages in social amenities, missed deadlines on contractual commitments, etc. The company offers a reliable emergency service to ensure an all-time supply of quality assured water to households, businesses, and public institutions.

Priority services

United Utilities values its relationship with customers regardless of their age, ethnicity, mental/health status, financial capability, etc. If you need special attention when contacting the customer service, register for priority services and a dedicated team with special training will be of help to you anytime.


Do you feel that there’s something that did not go well as you were being served? Kindly phone your complaint and you’ll be attended right away. By calling, you can speak out your problem as a complaints team personnel listens patiently before telling you what should be done next. Calling is the quickest and most preferable method in this regard.

United Utilities customer service is highly reputed for its high quality and professionalism. The representatives are empathetic and considerate. They will listen to your concerns, put themselves in your shoes and act in the best way to help you out. Great reps take their time to listen as it’s only through paying attention that one can identify the real problem and know what the best solution is. United Utilities customer service reps are not only highly-skilled and experienced water technicians but also trained communication experts. United Utilities customer service also make follow-ups to ensure that the solution provided actually solved the customer’s problem.

The Company

United Utilities Group PLC (UU), as listed on the stock exchange, was formed through a merger of two companies: NORWEB and North West Water. The subsidiary that manages the regulated water and wastewater network in the region of operation is called United Utilities Water Limited. The majority of the group’s assets and revenue comes from its regulated water business in the UK.

Address: Haweswater House, Lingley Mere Business Park, Lingley Green Avenue, Great Sankey, Warrington, WA5 3LP

Phone: 0345 672 2888

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