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As a gas and electricity supplier in the UK, Utilita focuses on customers who are looking for a reliable prepayment solution. Utilita has been around for more than a decade, and its prices are competitive therefore less pricey than those offered by the “Big Six” UK energy providers. The company offers gas and electricity supplies along with smart meters which can be installed for free within 4 weeks. The contact number is listed here and can be used to connect you to one of the many customer service agents.

Utilita Contact Numbers  0870 280 5473

Contact Utilita using the following customer service phone numbers by department:

Department Contact Number
Emergency 03452 068 999
Customer Helpline 0345 209 3999
Main Line 0870 280 5473
Automated Meter Reading 03452 093 750
Moving Home 03452 068 777
Billing Enquiry 03303 337 440
Online Contact View here

Utilita Customer Services Number

In the UK, there are several companies that offer gas and electricity services. Few venture into the prepayment market or as it is commonly called, “pay as you go” service. Customers can use the contact number to make payment for the service or submit payments online. Note that it is important when you select this service to always submit payment promptly to avoid service interruption. As outlined below, there are several options for submitting payment to avoid any such problems.

For inquiries about the services that are offered, you can contact customer service. The support team is ready at hand to answer all questions about services and pricing. They can also help with the processing of payment for new service requests, service disconnection, transfers, account help, billing errors and much more. In the case of problems, customers can report by dialing the contact number. Emergency lines are open round the clock to accept problems for any gas or electrical emergency.

Slower contact methods are also available, and they include standard post and emails. The response is usually within five business days, and every effort is made to ensure all issues are responded to on time. Social media is another contact option. Unsatisfied customers can forward complaints to the customer service care manager. During complaint resolution process, a customer can contact the citizen’s advice consumer service for more help.

Contact for Problem Reporting

Although Utilita is regarded as the best prepayment energy service provider in the UK, it does not mean that problems will never occur. To report service interruption or any emergency, contact customer services. Other types of problems that can be reported include payment errors, online account problems and more. Use the phone number shown on this page if you are planning to move from your current residence and would like to transfer your service. Make your request ahead for a service transfer, and far in advance if you are coming to Utilita from a different energy provider.

Contact for Smart Meter Support

Smart meters are designed to help customers save more money as they will be able to understand their personal energy consumption. This helps with sustainable development and the environment. Every smart meter has a touch screen, and it is connected to the gas and electricity meter. Reading the data provided will help customers to be aware of real-time usage. If help is required to understand how to read the energy data, contact us. An agent will walk you through each of the steps required to access and understand the data that is provided.

The smart meters show the amount of credit available and also displays when the customer is required to prepay for additional service. There are various ways of topping an account. A customer can call the phone number seen here, or send an SMS or submit a payment at any participating PayPoint outlet. Contact customer support if you require further help regarding submission of payment. Agents can accept service payments over the phone, or provide you with information about alternate payment methods.

Phone Number for Tariff Information

For customers who don’t have smart meters installed, Utilita offers the Premium Energy Plan. It helps to ensure an affordable offering to all customers. As a Smart E7 plan, it promises lower energy costs with a competitive tariff. The plan is currently available in a few selected areas. To learn more about the specific plans available in your area, ring the telephone number.

A smart meter is not included with the Premium E7 plan since it’s for customers looking for a solid flow of energy into their homes. The rates are not quite competitive, but customers have access to unlimited energy. Customers will have the ability to power all their energy needs for their households including gas and electricity. To receive sound advice or discuss more the plan, contact  customer service.

The Company

UtilitaUtilita has made a successful leap into the prepayment energy services. The website offers a few case studies that support the success of energy and financial savings by way of tighter energy usage using Smart Meters and prepayment. As a current customer in need of assistance or a prospective customer with questions, contact us. Prospective customers are also encouraged to make use of the contact number to connect with someone who can answer any questions that they may have about the company, services, and tariffs.

Address: Moorside Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 7RX

Phone: 0870 280 5473

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